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The Inauguration of the Social Legal Clinic
QFCHT has inaugurated the social Legal Clinic, in collaboration with the educational universities and institutions concerned with combating human trafficking. This event has come within the framework of QFCHT's quest for achieving further networking with all society categories, aiming at interpreting its humanitarian message and expanding the basis of social partnership and raising awareness about human rights concepts. This Clinic represents a practical training and educational program that seeks to enhance the system of combating human trafficking, through building the knowledge capacities of students and train them on working within holistic approach for combating human trafficking. The clinic also works on preparing qualified staff of college students who will be empowered with sufficient academic knowledge about valid legislations concerned with human rights, in general, and combating human trafficking, in special. The program is held at the office of the Legal Clinic in QFCHT HQ. The training Program tackles the most important social, legal, psychological, etc. sides of human trafficking phenomenon, on the national and international levels. It also works on developing vocational skills and capacities in terms of interviewing, and preparation of reports and legal memos, in addition to some field visits and practical trainings. Joining the Legal Clinic is conditioned upon successful personal interview, academic excellence, and accomplishment of 95 credit hours; as well as pledge to maintain the confidentiality of information and avoid using such information but for the purpose of scientific research. The Legal Clinic was inaugurated on Sat. 6th Oct. 2012 at the Hilton Hotel, with the presence of Dr. Abdallah Al-Mal - QFCHT's Board of Directors chairperson, Mrs. Maryam Al-Malki - QFCHT's Director General, Mohamed Mattar - Executive Director of the Protection Project at Johns Hopkins University - who will chair a seminar titled "The Role of Legal Clinic in Combating Human Trafficking"; in addition to a number of students and QFCHT staff.
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